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The Gamefi design and Development

It is our goal to connect the real economy and the blockchain world, and to create a meaningful world of Metaverse while preserving its fun nature. Therefore, we focus on the creation and incubation of farm and management games. To those companies who have good stories of games, they will not only get a whole design of games from LULU labs, but also will be granted the access to the Lulu Games Ecosystem, which can be expressed simply as: LULU Games = LULU IP + NFT + LULU Labs (Blockchain games incubator) + Supply Chain.

Game Studios that publish content on the LULU Games Network are able to release NFTs using the LULU Games protocols and tool kits by lulu labs.

It is our goal to make it easy for any company to quickly and easily add their game to the LULU Games Ecosystem with toolkits to produce standardized crypto packages, NFT libraries, and wallets to be integrated into their games. These studios are approved by a majority vote of the LULU Games Full Node holders.

These Game Studios will be granted “Game License” NFTs by the LULU Games Ecosystem that will give them access to the LULU Games Ecosystem.

Our Mission

To change gaming for good, unleashing the power of blockchain to give more to you, the players.

  • Development

    Team of talented developers reshape the way games are played


  • Design

    Continually iterating and improving our gaming features.


  • Operations

    Some of the creative minds that make us stronger




LULU Games has brought together a highly skilled team. Those who have founded, scaled, and exited high-value, high-volume games combined with those who have deep expertise in emerging technology and digital currencies. Culturally, we value flexibility and creativity in the workspace. For that reason, we all work remotely, full time. Gone are the days of long commutes and cubicles. We believe our workforce thrives from that freedom and outputs even more creativity and inventiveness due to the lack of physical constraints on their work flow.